November is a time to be thankful. A time for being thankful for what you have, and who you have around you. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank YOU for being our clients, or for visiting our website. We are always here for advice, or any real estate concern you may have. With the holiday only a week away, we put together helpful tips to get your house ready for Thanksgiving. The decorative idea's are also a great way to help show off your home if you have an open house coming up, or a scheduled showing.

With your entire family coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, your home is going to become quite crowded. Cleaning needs to be done, and the delicious food needs to be prepared. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your home for the holiday.

1.)Make the most out of your dining room table.

Thanksgiving puts your dining room to the true test - how many people you can fit in the room and still have room for utensils and delectable dishes. Be sure to clear some space, maybe even create a buffet in the kitchen on an island or countertop to make more room on the dining room table. Guests can help themselves to seconds, or the hostess could make a mid-meal lap around the table.

2.) Set up all the right electronics to ensure the Thanksgiving Day football game is perfection

With a lot of people coming over to gather in the festivities, the house might get rather loud.  If you really want to feel like you’re on the field, and if you want everyone to hear the game, hooking up speakers to your TV set is a must. Maybe even have a gaming console out for some post-game family game night fun!


3.) Entryway Upgrades - Helpful For Open Houses or Scheduled Showings Also

Your home's foyer is the first place guests see, so make it a great first impression.

  • Upgrade the exterior of your door. Does it need a new coat of paint? Does the door handle or hinges need fixed? Do you have decorations on the outside of your door, like a fall wreath?

  • If you have scratches on your hardwood floors at the entrance of your doorway, consider placing a welcome mat, or a small rug to cover them up.

  • Clear out shoes or jackets to make room for guest’s jackets and shoes

  • Place a fall scented candle directly in the foyer so that guest’s or possible home-buyers are intrigued by the smell.


4.) Decorations & Cleaning  - Helpful for Open Houses or Schedules Showings Also

Cleaning your home is crucial for a open house or a scheduled showing - it is also crucial for family gatherings. Every member of your family will be there and let’s face it, you care what they think about the appearance of your home. Here are a few tips to clean and decorate your home for these special occasions:


  • Remember to dust your fans

  • Clean your oven, and your stove-top

  • If you vacuum isn’t working up to par, consider replacing your vacuum belt

  • Balance your heating system - close vents in rooms you don’t use often, and test where airflow is the heaviest and the lightest to ensure which vents to close

  • Create a message board - Have small papers that are shaped like leaves for guests to write what they are thankful for and have them pin it on the message board

  • Use creative candle holders to spruce up your home. One creative idea is to get a glass, fill it with acorns, place a tealight inside, and use a fall-colored ribbon to place around the glass.

  • Create a unique centerpiece. Use pumpkins, gourds, acorns, branches, and/or ribbons to create a one of a kind centerpiece.

There are numerous ways to get your home ready for Thanksgiving Day, and for a open house or scheduled showing around the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!