Many businesses, big or small, start off as a simple idea. The idea holder is often an entrepreneur who spots a gap in the market or a commercial opportunity. He or she then turns the idea into a marketable service or product. The importance of small business is just as crucial as big business, if not more. Many small businesses (like ourselves) meet local needs. Whether the local needs include a grocery store, a hairdresser, a real estate agency, financial consultant, etc., small businesses are created to provide to the local community.

At Realty Professional Group, LLC, our small business is here to serve the Lancaster County area, and to provide the best services we can. We put together a list of reasons why small business is beneficial to our community, and reasons why small business is capable of prospering.

• Small Business Develops Personal Relationships

When dealing with a small business, whether they are providing you with a service or a product, you are able to personally get to know them. Person-to-person interaction is very important in today's society. Developing a personal relationship makes it a lot easier to build trust, and get the most out of the product or service.

• Flexible Response To Challenges

In a small business, there is little hierarchy or chain of command. Big businesses usually have a set chain of commands and procedures when it comes to challenges or problems that might arise. Small business often has more flexibility, and will be more of an asset to the customer.

Innovation and Idea’s

Small businesses are often more susceptible to new idea’s than big businesses. This is because the boss of a small business does not have to go through a chain of command to get his or her voice heard. They do not need approval from anyone, idea’s can be introduced and implemented immediately.  

Lower Prices

Small businesses often use less commercial space than a big business, and they often have low overhead costs. They operate in a smaller space, creating the opportunity for lower heating, and electric bills. The lower the bills the smaller business has to pay, the lower the prices for the service or product for the consumer will be.

Small businesses are created to provide the consumer with the BEST service possible. Please contact our team of professionals today, if you are searching for the BEST real estate service possible. Support local small businesses, so they can support you and your community!