Springtime brings sunshine, and a lot of opportunity to make your home the best looking home on the market! Make the most of the season by preparing your home for showings and open houses with these springtime tips:



1.) Pack up your winter clothes

Once you pack up those bulky winter clothes, you will have SO much more space. You will impress buyers with all that space!



2.) Get your yard into shape

Your front yard is the first thing your potential buyer will see. Like they say, first impressions matter. Mowing your grass, and getting rid of any wintery debris will help tremendously. It is also a good idea to get frost-resistant flowers and plants to spruce up the landscape. Frost resistant plants are a great move just in case a late cold- spell arrives.

3.) Buff the floors and wash the walls

The winter can wreak havoc on your floors, and buffing and cleaning them will do just the trick! Cleaning your walls isn’t a bad idea either, it will help any room pop!


4.) Swap out dark and cozy for bright and cheery

During the winter we tend to break out all those big fuzzy blankets and dark-colored accessories. Swap those out for bright colors! Blankets, pillows, pictures, flowers, candles, washcloths… the list goes on and on!


5.) Let the sun shine in

Before a showing, make sure all the curtains are open and all the lights are turned on. The more light that shines inside, the brighter the room!


6.) Accent with springtime aromas

Nothing says springtime like beautifully scented flowers! Fresh and clean smelling aromas like flowers, fresh cotton, and beach - scented are all great examples!


7.) Clear off all counters

You might NEED your coffee maker every morning, but put it away before a showing! Put all appliances like coffee makers, toasters, mixers or any other object that’s taking up counter space. Think about replacing everything on your counter with a simple bowl of colorful fruit! Or a vase with some beautiful springtime flowers!


8.) Think about your front door

Experts say that before a spring showing, you should remove your round wreaths. Wreaths remind people of the holidays, and might imply you are not on top of things. Maybe hang a spring themed welcome sign on the door, and an umbrella holder, and a bright and cheery welcome mat!


9.) Don’t forget about the backyard!

Many backyards in the springtime will be damaged from the winter. There might be dry and spotty parts, or branches scattered all over the yard. Clean up those branches, and work on getting your grass up to par. Also, people will be impressed with your backyard if there is colorful flowers, and fun decorations. Use colorful potted bulbs!


10.) Make sure the master bedroom appeals to both sexes

Get rid of colors that appear to be gender-specific. Maybe paint the walls a neutral color and choose bedding that matches. Then accessorize with the color scheme!


11.) Think creative


Buyers love built-in book shelves, and creative features. Stage the room so they can imagine themselves in it, and love what they imagine.



12.) Unpleasant pet odors won’t please buyers

We all love our pets, but unpleasant pet odors make a bad first impression. Get rid of old carpet that might trap those offensive smells. Replace with a fresh, neutral colored carpet! Maybe paint the walls to match! And voila! It’ll go from designed-to-smell to designed-to-sell.




These are just a few idea’s to get your home ready to sell this spring. For more tips contact one of our professionals!